Founding Partner

Michael Duncan is a digital media expert who is responsible for leading successful online efforts for some of the most sophisticated corporate and political campaigns in modern history.

In 2014, he implemented state-of-the-art data, digital, and social media systems for the historic re-election of U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. Under Michael’s direction, McConnell’s digital campaign was widely lauded for running the most innovative online effort of the 2014 cycle, which Politico noted for using “new technology for extensive and persistent voter targeting efforts.”

Duncan led a digital team in Israel for the re-election of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in 2015. Bloomberg heralded Duncan’s work for “bringing American tactics to Israel’s race,” to help Prime Minister Netanyahu secure a surprise comeback victory.

Duncan led McConnell’s 2020 digital campaign team, which won a decisive victory in one of the most expensive Senate races in history. He has advised dozens of national independent expenditure, SuperPAC, and non-profit advertising efforts and raised more than $100 million for Republican campaigns.

He lives in Arlington, Virginia with his wife and two sons.